Who's behind the brand The Chantales?
Me, I'm Cilla. The owner, writer of this blog and also the designer behind The Chantales - custom made clothing.

Why the name The Chantales?
Chantales comes from chant in French, means singer, to sing, song. I love to sing, though I'm not a good one. Singing while sewing is my jam, hence the name came out.

What's your blog about?
I mainly write about my sewing journey, DIY projects, sharing few tips and tricks. I even started a mini series - copy this look where I try to recreate RTW clothes. Beside that, I also share my personal life experience.

What's your business?
I made clothes and dresses for any occasion - Engagement dresses, bridesmaid dresses, workwear, casual clothes, maternity dresses for pregnant mommy and breastfeeding friendly dresses.

Who are your client?
Most of my clients are beautiful women who have trouble finding store-bought clothes that fits their specific criteria. This is where my sewing skills comes in handy.

Do you make wedding dresses?
No, I don't. Making a wedding dress required a lot of detailing and require a lot of time to make. I don't think I have the skills to make them yet, for now.


What kind of camera do you use?
I mainly use my phone OnePlus 7 pro and my camera Canon G7X Mark ll

Who takes your pictures?
My husband took most of my pictures, but when he's not available, I took my own pictures.

How do you take your own pictures?
My phone mounted on a tripod and I use Bluetooth remote control to take pictures of me. 


How did you and your husband - Wilson meet?
We met when we're 16, started dating after high school, married in Dec 2016.

How tall are you and what sizes are you?
I'm 154cm tall, I'm a size M according to standard size. 33-30-38 to be specific.

Where do you run your business?
I'm from Sabah, from the land of Borneo, Malaysia. I mainly work from home.

What do you study in University?
I'm a fashion graduate, I have a diploma in Fashion and Design.

How many languages can you speak?
Four. I can speak (a mix of ) Malay, Mandarin and my native language Dusun in my daily conversation, but I blog in English to attract more international readers.

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