I wanna recreate (Alexia Vikisews Pattern), but I want something looking like a bustier, no gathers on the bust cup.

Inspirations from Pinterest

The 3 Vikisews pattern that I used

- Instead of using the Teresa pattern for the bodice, I want a higher back bodice, so the Alexia pattern will be a great base for it. 
- I need to make a lot of adjustment to fit the Teresa bust cup into the Alexia bodice. 
- Anita sleeve is made perfectly for this kind of tops.

Made a muslin, initially I added some ease to the Alexia front bodice. 
In the end, I removed the ease, then take in 1 centimetres on the lower bust cup to fit into the Alexia front bodice instead.

I sew my old bra cups to the bust cup, so I can wear it without actually wearing a bra.

Using bias tape as a hem for the shoulder and an elastic casing.

The Anita pattern - using the folded elastic casing technique and instantly creates some ruffles on the bottom of the puffy sleeve.

I use jacket zipper for the back opening.

Quite happy with it, even though it took a long time to finish it.
 I was planning to make this tops with another fabric, but maybe it’s the Christmas spirit calling me to use this red polkadot fabric instead.


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