Tied Back Dress

"Oh this back bodice looks good with that." 

That’s how I came up with the idea of making my green dress - with all my favorite parts from 4 Vikisews patterns.

I was hesitant at first, thinking about all the seam matching and adjustment that I need to make, but hey I'm a fashion graduate - I can do this! 
Please note that I made each of this patterns before.

From the side - the skirt was too tight on me and it shows off my food tummy 

Here’s how it looks at first. I didn’t like how it turned out, so I made few changes to my initial idea.
- At first I used the Alexia skirt, but it was too tight on me, so I used the Rolyze skirt.
- The Rolyze shoulder part was too wide for me, so I changed it to Nola shoulder width instead.
- I was thinking of removing the front button opening, but I found it too much of a hassle to do so, so in the end I just kept it in the design.

These are the final changes that I made to the pattern.
  1. I use 4 Vikisews patterns : 
    • Nola (front, back bodice and sleeve)
    • Milana (back tie)
    • Alexia (front bodice)
    • Rolyze (skirt).

  2. Milana back bodice is a sleeveless pattern, so I use Nola (shoulder and armhole seam), Alexia (side seam) and Milana (width and back tie position).
  3. Since I still use the Alexia front bodice, I only redraw the armhole (to match the Nola front bodice armhole). 
  4. I add 3 inches to the Rolyze skirt length, add 1 inches to the Nola sleeve length.
Redraw the armhole using Nola front bodice as a guide

Thankfully I have just enough fabric to cut a new skirt, so I went with the Rolyze skirt in the end. It is an A-line skirt that fits my figure better.

Even though my initial sketches and final dress didn’t came out exactly the same, but nothing beats the feeling of successfully made a dream dress, despite a few hiccups here and there, that’s what makes it all worth it anyway.


  1. You at good at hacking the patterns to create the style you want. Was finding the right size in Viki sews difficult i.e. not having a pattern with multiple sizes?


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