January Makes

I made quite a few of items in January. My main plan is to replace some old worn out items. 

1. My husband’s boxers and my lounge shorts are literally the same thing, same pattern and sizing, just slight different style - mine are a little shorter at the sides. 
Pattern : self-drafted

2. Then I have to make new pillow cases, my dog thinks it’s a soft toy, she ripped a few of our pillow cases already. So I thrifted some duvet covers and made different sizes of pillow cases out of it. I have just enough fabric to make a small bags to store all the pillow cases. 
Pattern : just trace the existing pillowcases.

3. It’s 2021 and we’re still in pandemic, so I’m still going to continue making more face masks, especially one that match my outfits. I made 3 different mask styles : The easiest & simplest face mask, the pleated face mask and my fav - the 3D face masks. There are plenty of face mask tutorials online. 

4. Since I’m really into baking lately, I need an oven mitt. I made one last year, it was terrible, I used the wrong batting. This year I bought the thickest batting I could find online, then make it double. It’s perfect!

5. Looking at my closet, I found that I rarely wore my lemon slit dress. The fact that I made it for my cousin’s wedding and there will probably no fancy event going on in the near future, so I decided to shorten it. Make it wearable, less fancy, more practical for my lifestyle.
Pattern : self-drafted, boat neck dress with slit skirt.

6. I made a matching headbands and 3D face mask out of the fabric scrap. Here’s the tutorial for the headband.

7. I also turned this Vogue 9253 dress into a top. I just don’t wear the dress version as much as I wanted to. 
Pattern : Vogue 9253

8. I was inspired to make a separate bias skirt and cami top after watching tons of inspiration on Instagram. For the bias skirt (self-drafted pattern), I used this animal prints chiffon fabric that I had for a long time.
Pattern : self-drafted cami slip then turned into separate top and skirt.

9. For the cami top, I used vikisew’s Freya pattern, I love the tied back details.

10. Lastly, I made 2 long wallets for me and my little sister, this is my 3rd time making this. Same issue with previous projects, I didn’t have the right interfacing on hand. 
I combined 2 Youtube tutorials this and this. I even add an extra pocket on the outside to keep receipts.

I didn’t realised that I made all these in January, but what else should I do with all the free time that I got during quarantine. I already made some sewing plans for the upcoming months. See ya next month.


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