My Favorite Books of 2020

I read a total of 31 books (26 fiction & 5 self-help books) in 2020, surpass my 24 books challenge, all thanks to the pandemic. 
You can head on here to my Goodreads account to see my 2020 books.

Here are few of my favourite books :

1. The Hating Game, Sally Thorne

It’s about the 2 main characters stuck in a office working every day and hating each other, while competing for a promotion.

I love enemies to lovers trope. The tension and dynamic between the 2 main characters are so exciting, it makes my heart flutter. I really can’t stop reading it and I’ll definitely reread this book again.

2. Sweet Dandelion, Micalea Smeltzer

Forbidden love between a student and a school counselor. 

The book talk about growing through traumas and pain, how they needed each other in order to heal from the past. The suspense of trying to hide their relationship and pretend that they aren’t attracted to each other, it kills me. It did got me teary eyed and furious at his actions towards the end of the story.

3. Absent, Katie Williams

A ghost story about a girl figuring out how she died, is it an accident? Or did she tried to kill herself? Along with another 2 ghost who died and stuck in school, together they try to figure out the mystery.

Despite it’s a ghost story, it’s not spooky, which is good for me. I have to keep on reading, to figure out how it all ends. The twist at the end, I really didn’t see it coming.

4. Meet Cute : Some People are Destined to Meet, by various YA author.

More romance short stories. 

Yes! Yes! Yes!
If you’re like me – who just started to read more, it’s a perfect book to learn more new authors through their writing style.
With a simple love theme stories, nothing can go wrong with it. I learnt that I really like Jennifer L.Armentrrout story telling - I’m currently reading her From Blood and Ash series, I’m on book 2, I’m really torn between finishing it or not, because I really can’t wait to finish it, but I don’t wanna finish it before the other book was out. 

5. A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara

The story of 4 friends over the decades. 

The hardest book to read, I DNF (did not finish) it a few weeks before I have the courage to pick it up again. I did watched a review during that DNF period, then a line came across me – “it was just a fictional character that was written with a terrible life to evoke sadness and empathy for the characters.” It was then that I finally found the courage to finish it.
It stirred a lot of emotions, made me cried a lot while contemplating my own life. 
I learnt that - sometimes we’re too fixated with our pain, that we neglect our loved one, we forgot that - they too, have a life.

6. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, V.E Schwab

Addie, who trade her soul for freedom & in return - people will not remember her at all. Then one day, she met someone who remembered her, she thought maybe the devil had lifted her cursed.

The ending was so good, the only thing that I hate is the way it was written - with back and forth story of the past and present life. I did skipped a few of the chapters, I didn’t care about the past, I just wanna read more on the present life. 

7. The Midnight Library, Matt Haig

About a girl, who was trying to end her life, but ends up in a library & a chance to live her many different lives. What if she continued singing, stayed in the band or married her boyfriend? Will her cat died too? 

I love that it talk about mental health. A book that makes me think deeper about life and its meaning - sometimes life didn’t turned out how we want it to be, but we can definitely makes the best out of it.

I hope that I didn’t give too much away. There’s a hint of romance on some of the books, which is how I like my books to be.

My 2021 goal is to read 50 books, I’m currently reading my 8th books. since I knew myself better now, I’m eager to find new genre to explore. So many books, yet so little time. Right?


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