2020 Highlights

Despite the pandemic, 2020 have been a creative year for me. Even though I only made 1 dress from my 2020 sewing list, then shifted all my focus on making face masks for me & my family. Then I started to question if my sewing projects really worth to make, so I took some time off and focused on other creative projects like redoing my bedroom and my workspace, learned keyboard, gardening and baking.

After the first quarantine, I started shopping like crazy, stuck at home and realising that I don’t have enough materials for certain projects drives me insane and ignite the hoarding side of me. All I want is endless supply of fabrics and sewing notions, as you can see I also broke my 2020 shopping ban. 

But here are few of my 2020 wins, I did learned one music instruments, though it wasn’t ukulele as I planned, it turned out that the keyboard is a much easier instruments to play. Who knew that stuck at hotel room and hours of learning piano chords online can lead me to buy a keyboard. 

We did achieved our money goals, staying at home and cooking food by ourselves helped us putting more money towards our saving. We’re lucky and grateful that my husband still able to find jobs during this tough time. As for me, I only have few sewing orders in the beginning of 2020, so having all the free time to myself, I decided to make something for me instead.
Here are few of the things that I made in no particular order.

1. Wrap dress

2. Axis tank

3. Blue high-waisted shorts

4. Off-shoulder dress turned to top

5. Ginger denim shorts

6. Plaid pencil skirt

7. Vikisews Deborah top

8. Vikisews Elizabeth top

9. Vikisews Roleese top and a matching high waisted shorts

10. Cowl slip dress

11. Long purse

12. Boxy sling bag

13. Traveling bag

14. Clothes for my dolls

15. Face masks

2020 had taught me a lot, I realised that I never truly living my life, all my life all I did was doing what’s right and what was expected of me. I never truly asked myself the question “if my life ends tomorrow, is this what I really wanna do today?” Looking at my limited time on earth, would I rather spent my life wasting time away doing unfulfilled tasks.

Staying at home means I can’t escape my own thoughts, so I was forced to face my own demon. Facing my negative thoughts, instead of just buried them away, I cried for days, not knowing why I felt sad. I talked with my husband about it, we tried to figure it out together. Journaling and avoiding the news helps me a lot, shifting my mind and focusing on creative projects, plus having a dog is the best thing that ever happened to me. 

2020 was a gentle reminder to us that life can change in a blink of an eye. No matter what happened in 2020, never let that weakens us. I truly wished that 2021 gonna be a better year for all of us. 


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