It’s a wrap - dress

All the wrap dresses and tops that I made before are my experimental stage, trials and errors. There will always be problems like the neckline gap, bust fitting, wrap waist style and the fitting problems.

My constant body changes is the reason why I had to tweak this pattern so much, but I’m glad I took the time to fix it because now it’s one of my favorite dress.

I think I bought the fabric in 2018, I bought 3 meters of fabric since I’m planning to make a dress out of it. It was fully lined, since white fabric tend to be sheer, I used the same fabric to line the bodice and for the skirt, I used a plain red fabric that I had in my stash.

This dress is a wrap style dress, with no zipper, but with a front opening wrap waist style. I was really tempted to add ruffles on the skirt but I asked myself “Will I love ruffles forever?” So I made a timeless wrap dress style that I’m gonna continue in love with even for the next couple of years.

I add one pocket to the dress, I tried to make 2 but I didn’t have the patience to make 2 pockets, so I’m happy with one, at least I got pocket on my dress.

This wrap dress is the first project that I made in 2020, January was a busy month for me and I only get to finish this dress a week before Valentine’s day.

My 2020 sewing goals is to sew one project every month. I’ve picked all 12 projects and I’m still not sure which one I’m going to tackle next, but I have chosen the fabric for each projects, so all I need to do is start drafting the pattern and make it happen.


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