My 2020 Goals and How I Plan It

I didn’t achieve all my 2019 goals, maybe because it was the wrong goals to achieve, it was too result-oriented or numbers-based rather than progress-oriented, but I did make a great progress on some of my goals.

My 2019 goals :

1. I did read 24 books in 2019 - I learned a lot through reading self-help books then I tried my best to share my knowledge on Instagram and surprisingly I received a lot of good feedback about it.

2. I picked up painting again and joined inktober - even though I didn’t finished the challenge.

3. I took my time with sewing orders, no more last minute hectic craze.

4. I didn’t fell sick a lot last year, but I did have another nut allergy reaction recently.

5. Most importantly I prioritised my mental health by making positive changes like limiting social media time, follow people that truly inspired me, etc.

6. We limit our spending habit down to only shop 3 times a year on things that we really like - although it was hard at first, but we managed to stay on track.

7. Me and my husband did lose some weight - after we got some false alarm medical result showing that my husband health are getting worse, we were so shocked and terrified that we decided to focus on our health by changing our diets.

Overall I did well with my 2019 goals, but it didn’t mean that I’ll stop doing it in 2020. I’m gonna continue working on it along with 5 new goals that I made this year.

My 2020 goals :

1. Read 24 books
- after I successfully finished 24 books last year, I think I can do it again.

2. Draw / paint weekly
- I bought all the materials I need, so I think it’s time to get serious.

3. Learn to play 1 music instruments
- I bought a ukulele 6 or 7 years ago, but I never learn to play it.

4. Save more money
- it always a good thing to have this on my goals every year, don’t you agree?

5. Shopping ban
- after successfully limit our spending habit last year, I think we can take this shopping ban challenge seriously.

Last December, I discovered a book on goal planning – The 12 Week Year. I’ve just finished reading it and I think I had to make a better plan for my 2020 goals. Obviously looking at past experience I don’t think I made a well planned goals, so I’m gonna do it right this time around.

Unlike yearly goal that lasts for 12 month, long term goals are hard to achieve since we can’t see the end of it and we tend to gave up halfway through. This book only focus on 12 weeks time, it’s more realistic and achievable.

Here’s what I learned from the book

1. Have a vision.
- Ask yourself what’s you want and trying to achieve, find your big WHY - Why it’s important for you to change or improve yourself?

Focus your vision on :
- Long-term goals ( 5 or 10 years in the future)
- Mid-term goals ( about 3 years in the future)
- In the next 12 weeks.

2. Write down your goals.
- Create a written plan.

3. Break your goals into action plans.
- Figure out what actions / steps / strategies that you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

4. Schedule your plan into daily / weekly plan. 
- Schedule a time that you can be consistent with each week. Consistently do it to create a better result.

5. Have peer support and meet regularly. 
- Have a weekly accountability meeting with friends or your support systems.

6. Regular review by keeping score. 
- Evaluate your achievement on weekly basis.

Here’s how I break down my goal into action plan

My vision : To improve my English and learn the art of story-telling
My goal : Read 30 books in 2020
Action plan : Read 10 pages of book everyday
Schedule : Read 10 pages in the morning - after wake up and before bed

My vision : Financial freedom
My goal : Save more money
Action plan : Create a second stream of income, stick to the budget plan, put extra RM 100 on my saving account, track my money
Schedule : Spend time working on my side job, have an allowance on every expenses, at the end of the month save an extra RM 100 + fixed monthly amount on my saving account, write down my expenses every night

It’s a great book and I really recommend everyone to read it to learn more tips and trick. Hope you have a great year ahead.


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