Sewing : McCalls 7724 Off Shoulder Shirt

I bought this pattern on sale earlier this year, this particular off shoulder style was big in 2018 and I was kinda late to join all the fun, but I still love the style.

At first, I was trying to create the look C, with the strap from look D. This top was a mess to begin with,I spend 3 days figuring out how the off-shoulder supposed to look like on my body, I did a lot of research (I mean looking at the hashtag #M7724 on Instagram). After I installed the button, then things slowly comig along.

I’m scared of buttons, mainly the cutting buttonhole part, I did a terrible job last time and I still have nightmares over it. (But I figured it out now, I just need to leave some space on the buttonholes, so I won’t cut through it.)

So to prevent from any mishaps, I made the button and buttonholes on the wrong side, so it won’t shows from the front. Genius right?

I did install some snap buttons in between the button to close the gaps and fixed the off shoulder part, it was too loose on me at first.

The oversize sleeve is my favorite feature of the top.

Sewing Summary :

Pattern: McCalls 7724 - grade through Size 8 bust, 10 waist, 6 hips.
Fabric: Cotton fabric.
Notions: Threads and buttons.
Alterations: Shorten the length
Difficulty: Easy, the instruction is easy to follow, but it's hard to know where the off shoulder sits until I installed all the buttons.
Make another one: I think one is good enough for me, for now..
Notes: Sew some clear snap buttons in between the buttons to fix the gap.


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