DIY : Makeup brush roll

Over the years I had collected a good amount of makeup brushes and it’s so hard to find one specific brushes especially when I’m in hurry. I decided to get them organised and made a makeup brush roll out of some leftover velvet that I had in my stash.

I also made a tutorial for you, but first take a look at your makeup brush collection and see how many brushes you have - I include all my brushes, lip liner and eyeliner too.

Categorised them into 3 sizes - large, medium and small, then measure the diameter of your brush.

Large - 1.5”
Medium - 1.25”
Small - 1”

I have 6 large brushes, 5 medium and 4 small sizes.

Then I also want to have a zipper pouch to store my smaller or irregular shape items like eyelash curler, brow shaver and foundation sponge.

The materials that you need :
Fabric of choice (less than 1m)
Zip 9”
Matching thread

The layout of the pattern :

The measurement : width x height (seam allowance - not included)

Flap part
Cut 2 : 18” x 5”

Front = Cut 1 : 18” x 9”
Back = Cut 1 : 18” x 9”

Brush divider
Cut 1 : 18” x 5.5”
*can fit 15 brushes

Zipper pouch
Cut 2 : 2.5” x 9”
Cut 1 : 5” x 9”

Ties / ribbon
Cut 2 : 16” long

Sewing :

First make the brush pocket by joining the base part and brush divider. Mark the width (drawing lines on the fabric), sew a straight line, then measure the next line and repeat the same steps until you sew all the lines needed. **For shorter brushes, just sew a horizontal line, this prevent the brushes from getting stuck.

Make the flap - join 2 flap pieces (right side together) and sew all 3 corners, except the bottom part. **The flap helps to prevent the brushes from falling out.

Sew the zipper pouch - sew the zipper to the front pocket. Then join the front pocket to the back base (right side together), sew all 3 sides, except the left one. Lastly, turn it inside out.

Sew them to the brush divider base - the tie/ribbon, the flap on the top, the zipper pouch on the other side (all right side together). Lastly, sew them to the back of the base pattern, leave a tiny gap, to turn it inside out at the end.

Stay stitch all the sides and it's finish. To use it, just close the flap, roll it from the zipper pouch and tied the ribbon.

I had to give this set to my sister as she needed it more than me, but I had made another one for myself and I probably need to make another one for my paint brushes.


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