Refashion : Square Neck Top

I thrifted the top last year, wore it once or twice, then shove it back to my closet, but recently I tried it again and decided to refashion it. I love the top as it is, but I had few button tops in similar style.

I tried this kind of tops (square neck blouse) before, but couldn’t find one that ticks all my criteria. It’s either too sheer, too loose or too long.

Instead of making a square neck top from scratch, I decided to refashion this blue top, well I’m not really sure about the pattern, kind of just winging it and hopes that everything turns out right.

Changes that I made :
I mark the front and back neckline.
Unstitch and cut the top part.
Then sew elastic all over the neckline, including the sleeve.
I even shorten the tops.
Add another piece of panel on the front button opening, to prevent the gaping on the button closure.

Here’s the final look.
Amazingly, the sleeve stays all the time. It surprises me too.

Now I’m looking at my button tops collection and thinking about refashion them too.
Move over off shoulder tops, I think this will be my next favorite style.


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