Travel : Sarawak

We went to Sarawak for a week, mainly to get Wilson’s medical checkup renewed in Miri - that he needed for work. While waiting for his checkup result, we went to Sibu for 2 days to visit his dad and went back to Miri to get his medical result before flying to Kuching.

It’s my first time visiting Miri and Sibu. Wilson used to live in Sibu when we first dating. So it was a great experience to learn more about him and the place Sibu. Plus we get to ride bike together for the first time - so achievement unlocks!

I had trouble sleeping in new places, especially hotel rooms. So when we scored a beautiful hotel room with half the price, on our second night in Miri. I was so happy, plus I slept well that night. 😄

Since we went to Sarawak during the month of Ramadhan, the cities aren't that busy and quiet during this time around, but we get to visit Sibu Bazaar Ramadhan and enjoyed more night time eating.

I love coming back to Kuching, to our fav K11 karaoke place, fabric shopping and eating more tasty food. We stayed nearby the karaoke place, it was just a 10 mins uphill walk.

The next day we went fabricS shopping and stayed in his parents’s home in Bau. Before flying back to Kota Kinabalu, we went to Serikin and I found rattan bags that I’ve been looking for so long, and it was the cheapest place to buy it, so I bought an oval shaped rattan bag for me.

We enjoyed exploring city life (visiting new malls in town) and good foods. I think we both gained few pounds during the trips, the foods are cheaper and his mom home cooked meals are delicious!

I made a travel vlog for our trip in Sarawak.

Hope you enjoy it!


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