The best of 2018

2018 had ended and now it’s the beginning of a new year. Looking back, I didn’t feel like I had accomplished a lot, but when I started to feel burnt out and it forced me to slow down, I realised that what I did was enough.

Here are my 2018 highlights.
Started the year learning new skill - mandarin collar. I finally get the chance to use this beautiful floral fabric that I saved up.

I made him a T-shirt, then I made another one to replaced the one he lost.

I made him a pyjamas set. Which he lost it too, his luggage was stolen during his travel.

A place to share some behind the scenes & how I work daily. Posting videos taught me a lot on video editing and producing contents that I love.

Despite my crazy schedule, I managed to squeeze some time to make a dress for my birthday.

  • Made 6 tops for mom.
My mom is a tough one to please, she inspects everything that I made (hence why I’m so perfectionist sometimes). It means the world to me that she finally willing to wear my clothes that I made for her.

It was a great stash buster project making dresses for little ones.

  • I made cloth pads.
One of the best decision that I ever made. After few trials and error I finally made cloth pads that breathable and comfy, no more rashes. I'm a total convert now!

  • I made traditional costume - Baju Kadazan.

This projects have been on my to-do list for 2 years, from searching for the right fabric and finding matching gold embellishment, to choosing the design (I went for a classic timeless design), I deserved a big pat on my back to be able to finish it after almost a year of making it.

Finally had the courage to open up and share my real life experience battling with allergy, hoping it will be helpful to others too.

  • I thrift, mend, refashion thrifted clothes.
Since body weight have been an issue for me after recovering from a bad allergy, I had to basically start building my wardrobe again. *(Click picture to read the blog post.)

Refashion vintage dress

Refashion vintage shirt

  • Prioritise my mental health.
The fact that I only fall sick 2 or 3 times last year, proving that I’m getting healthier every day. Managing my stress level and taking time off was very beneficial to my overall health.

  • I learned new skills.
I read 6 books and started listening to podcasts more, learning new skills online - mostly photo or video editing and digital sketching.

And lastly, my biggest improvement to my brand - we managed to squeeze a mini studio in our bedroom. All thanks to my DIYer husband.

We get to shoot our family photos with it. And all my work can be beautifully photographed too. I'm obsess!

Despite the ups and downs of life, I'm grateful for all things that I achieved. How was your 2018? Do you made any 2019 resolution? I can't wait to share mine.


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