How I build a mini studio in my bedroom

I'm bored with my white bricks wall, it's beautiful and makes my room look spacious, but it was too bright and the high contrast make it so hard to take pics with it.
I saw a blogger on Instagram showed her DIY backdrop studio on her sewing room, she used roller blind as her backdrop, it save a lot of space and easy to store too. It's a great idea, but roller blind can be very expensive and it's hard to find it here.

So I told my husband, Wilson about it and we came out with the idea and next thing we know, we went out and bought everything.

I've been eyeing for the pvc vinyl (used as a table cloth or curtains) for quite a long time, It's durable, easy to clean but it came with a very high price tag. I love that it didn't have a shiny surface, which is great for taking pictures.

Curtain rods can be quite expensive for our little DIY projects, so we end up buying the Daiso tension rod - it came with many different sizes and it can extend to a certain length and it's theperfect length for the pvc vinyl.

Materials needed :
- 2 rod hooks ( Mr DIY )
- 4 to 5 meters of PVC / Vinyl for backdrop ( Wah Yoon )
- 60 inches of tension rod ( Daiso )

How to build it :
We tried sticking the pvc vinyl with tapes, but it didn't really work out, so Wilson came up with the idea to wrap the pvc vinyl on the rod and use shoe glue to stick them together.

Spread a generous amount of shoe glue on one of the surface, let it dry for a few minutes before wrap it around the rod. Make sure there are no spilled glue around it and let it dry for 15 minutes before rolling them up and leave it dry for another day. Don't forget to put pressure on it, so that it sticks better.
Measure the rod and mark the positions of the hooks, before drill it onto the wall.
Lastly, hang the rod on the hooks.

I bought 2 type of colors backdrop ; the colors are quite pale / pastel like. Anytime I wore a blue clothes, I'll use the pink backdrop and vice versa. Or else, you'll blend in with the backdrop and it will mess up with your photos.

I have a small room, so we have to be really creative with it. We found a perfect spot for the backdrop - just above the mirror and below the changing room rod. I can easily change the backdrop and it didn't really took a lot of space when we're not in need of it.

Since Wilson wasn't great at taking instructions on taking my pictures and I get really shy at taking pictures outdoor, with people staring and photobombing most of the time. Having my own photoshoot / studio area really helped me and encouraged me to take pictures more. Eventhough it does get really dark here, especially during rainy days, so I made an investment to buy a proper studio light. I found a local online shop selling it with the options of buying just one studio light. It was quite pricey, but it does came with a warranty, which is always a good idea when you're buying pricey goods.

CLICK HERE to see my studio vlog - which I show you how I took photos of my finished work.


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