Sewing : New Look 6197 - Matching PJs

After I successfully made T-shirt for my hubby my next move is to make him a shirt, in this case I'm making a matching pyjamas for him. I love the shirt that he wore 10 years ago (before we started dating). Now he can't even fit into that shirt anymore or any shirt, he have broad shoulder and smaller waist; everything that fits his shoulder was too baggy for him.

So I bought this pattern and read some good reviews about it. I was in a rush (he was leaving in the next few days) and I had no time to make a toile/muslin. I traced the pattern for size M, then I matched the pattern to his favourite shirt to check the fit and then I added half inches on the pleats at the shoulder back, making adjustment on the armhole.

I thrifted the fabric on Tamu Tambunan, I didn't even planned to buy anything, we were just standing in front of the crowd, then I saw the stripe fabric that nobody wants. The next thing I know, I was standing in the crowd choosing curtains, bedsheet next to a bunch of ladies. My husband and sister started talking me into buying it and I end up with two 60"x90" curtains.

It was a quick and easy project, the collar is easy to sew, but the sleeve was too big and wide for him, so I just shorten it and make the sleeve smaller.

He chose the stripe for his shirt and I made a matching boxer for him, since I still had quite a good amount of leftover fabric.

Sewing Summary :

Pattern: New Look 6197, look A in size M.
Fabric: Thrifted curtain - cotton.
Notions: Threads, buttons and interfacing.
Alterations: Added half inches on the pleats at the shoulder back, making changes on the armhole for some ease for his broad shoulder. Shorten the sleeve, it was too big and long for him.
Difficulty: Easy, the instruction is easy to follow, the collar is easy to sew too.
Make another one: Yes, since he lost the shirt and boxer - someone stole his bags during his travel. I'll make another one for me too.
Notes: The instruction for the collar part can be a little confusing.


  1. My husband kan suru sa jait baju kerja dia tp sa x pndi jait tu colar oh

  2. Iya susa tu collar. Tapi yg ni senang punya version dia bagi. Satu kali sama2 tu collar stand.


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