Refashion : Gathered Skirt

Yeah it's easy to make a skirt, but the amount of fabric needed to make pleated skirt is crazy, I refuse to spend a lot of money on fabrics. So I went thrift shopping and found this knee length pleated skirt in size S, it was too small for me, but knowing the fact that pleated skirt use a lot of fabric, I know I can do something with it.

I try to avoid having plain black color in my wardrobe (it's s too hot to wear in warmer climate) except for bottoms like skirt and pants, since it's easier to mix and match.

The skirt made from mid weight linen with random pink-brown circle scattered all over it. It was made from Japan

First I removed the back zipper, lining and waistband.
To save some time I left the hem untouched and cut the skirt measured from the hem.
Cut a new waistband.
I made some random gathered like pleats for the skirt.
Sew the waistband.
Add elastic on the back waistband and insert a new exposed zipper on the left side seam.

I finished this skirt in few hours just in time to wear for the next day - Valentine's date.I made the skirt in February and forgot to blog about it, until I wear the skirt for a photoshoot recently - hence the different hairstyles. This is the first few things that I made since I lose the weight that I gained during recovery, it's easy and quick. Great for a pick-me up kind of project and an instant mood booster.


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