Sewing : Vogue 9075 Jumpsuit

I saw this pattern on instagram a lot. I never made jumpsuit before. Before I started, I make sure to do some research on the pattern. From what I read in most sewing blogs, it was suggested to add few inches on the crotch. I made a toile and figure that I do needed to add 2” on the crotch since I made the bodice for petite size which ends at my waist.
I didn’t have enough fabric for it, so I used 2 meters of stripe black and white Japanese cotton fabric, 2 meters of plain black koshibo and white lightweight cotton for lining, which is a bad idea since the fabric is a total disaster, but I did make it work.

The bottom part of the jumpsuit didn’t match the waist. I was few centimetres short, so I unpick one pleat on each part of the pants to make up for the missing length. Not sure why it happens, but I did use the same size for the bodice and pants. I still think that the pants is better with 2 pleats, since the bottom is quite roomy and wide after all. I add few inches to the length as I was quite short and I prefer the pants to reach my ankles. I took 5/8” off on the waist and shoulder. I made a matching stripe belt and sewn on the waist.

I wore it to my cousin’s wedding last month. I got a lot of feedback on it, is it a dress? Since it have wide leg pants that make it looks like a maxi skirt, overall I’m in love with it. Though I did have some trouble to unzip the dress by myself for toilet break, it took longer for me to do it by myself, but since my lil sister and husband is around to help me. Next time, I’ll lower the neckline on the back and maybe made a shorter version of it.

Sewing Summary :

Pattern: Vogue 9075, look B.
Fabric: Black and white Japanese Cotton for the top, plain black koshibo for the botttom & white lightweight cotton for the lining on the bodice.
Notions: Thread and invisible zipper.
Alterations: I took 5/8” off on the waist and shoulder. I made a matching stripe belt, sewn on the waist. Added few inches to the bottom till it reaches my ankles. Unpick one of the pleat to match the waist measurement.
Difficulty: Easy, the instruction is easy to follow too.
Make another one: Yes, but next time I’ll lower down the neckline on the back, to make it easier for me to reach the zipper.
Notes: Make a toile to see if the crotch area is right.


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