10 life lessons I learnt as I reach 27

20s is the year for experimenting and taking risks, some says you’ll find who you are in the 20s, some may continue to do so until later in life, whatever it is, we all experience life at a different pace.

As I celebrated my 27th birthday on the 14th of May, I looked back and I'm grateful for the life lesson that I learnt through the ups and down of life. As they say experience is the best teacher, so I'm sharing my 10 life lesson that I learnt so far.

1. Call your parents

Return their calls, text your family, ask them how they’re doing and attend family gathering.

2. Don’t take yourself seriously

Laugh at yourself, make silly jokes and laugh till your tummy hurts. Tell your embarrassing moments and share your crazy ideas. It’s so freeing to let loose sometimes.

3. Enjoy your time alone

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. We all need our own me-time from time to time. After been married for 2 years now, having some time alone can be really hard, so to be able to take time for myself by having a long shower or going out shopping alone, not caring over another person and just focus all my energy and attention to myself is the best thing ever.

4. Don’t take that study loan

Not taking out a study loan is the best decision I ever made, sure you’re not gonna have money to change your phone every semester or go out with your friends that often, but you’ll thank yourself later on as you won’t need to rush on getting a high paying job to pay back all the loans. Study at your local university, get scholarship or join short courses online.

5. Be adventurous

Take risks and do not fear failure. Even if it’s means choosing a road less traveled, like starting your own business, do whatever your heart desire, because we’re all gonna die someday, what really matter is how we decide to live our life.

6. Put yourself first

Take care of yourself, exercise and eat healthily. Surround yourself with good companion. Stay safe and protect yourself, have safe sex, learn about yourself and love your body.

7. Listen to your gut feeling

I’m not sure if it’s just a Taurus traits or whatever, but a sudden change of heart rate means I can sense urgency and danger, so listening to my gut feeling had saved me many times from a tricky situations.

8. Forgive and forget

People make mistakes, nobody is perfect. Asked for forgiveness from God and make amends. Yet not every relationship can be fixed, maybe it’s better to just forget about it, erase them from your memory, your life, stay away from them if things still didn’t work out after that. You do you.

9. Learn to say No

People will ask for your help and it didn't necessarily means that you need to say yes to them every single time. Say No will sets you free. "Thanks, but no."

10. Keep a good mental health

Stop comparing yourself with others, do unfollow people on Instagram that makes you feel like a crap, stop giving a shit over bad comments, stay away from negativity. Spread kindness and start a gratitude journal.

I learnt a lot about life, family, career, relationship and myself. My 20s filled with uncertainty of what the future holds, I still have no idea where I will be in the next 5 years, I had no definite plan for the future, I'm just trying to live my life day by day.

Wishing that these lessons will provide guidance to not just for the 20s but for everyone as well. Cheers for the good life!


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