Refashion : Green vintage shirtdress

Green is not my color, so I thought… until I saw this green floral shirtdress & immediately fall in love with the floral prints. I have another thrifted shirtdress in my closet and another one that I made. 3 pairs of shirtdress is never enough right? I think shirtdress is my go-to style, it's simple, easy and quick, I don’t even have to think much about it, just put it on and I’m ready to go.
The label is 'Live Wear, Harajuku Cotton House', so I did a little research of it and found out that it was a Japanese brand shirtdress from the 80s. It was made from printed linen and this one came in size L, which is too big for me. I separate the bodice and skirt, made a simple adjustment - shorten the bodice and skirt (petite problem) then I sew it back together. I added pleated darts on the front and back, since there are existing pleats on the back yoke.
I wore this dress with my black tulle (thrifted) underneath for the 1950s vibes, but since the weather is so crazy hot lately, I don't think that's a good idea.
I shorten the skirt by cutting few inches on the waist part cause I’m keeping the hem, (too lazy to do the hem), so I had to sacrifice the existing pocket. I use every part of the leftover fabric to cut 2 new pocket bags and made a waist tie (last minute decision) since I didn't like the way my red belt looked, it didn't stay on the waist line.
My aunt saw me in this dress and told me that she used to wear shirtdress back in the days. I told her about another pink shirtdress that I found & in the end I let her have it.
I have another 2 dress waiting to be refashion, this one is the hardest dress to refashion, but it's turns out to be easier than I thought. I cut my hair after taking these photos since I decided to grow out my undercut/sidecut, no regrets here. I even added a pink and blue background for my photoshoot corner, it's just a simple DIY. Do you want to know more about it - DIY photoshoot background?


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