Emily’s dress

I have accumulate a lot of fabrics, mostly 'less-than-2-metres' of fabrics in my stash, since I didn’t want to make multiple clothes from the same fabric. So I decided to make a dress for my niece, Emily.
I made simple dresses before but nothing complicated like this one, it’s a full skirt dress with ruffles on the neckline with a matching waist tie.

At first I was scared that it won’t fits her, since the waist is a little too short (clearly I have little experience on making a dress for little girls), in the end it turns out right. It took around 2 hours 30 mins to sew this dress and I got stuck on the ruffles part, since I decided to change the neck facing to lining for the bodice.

Her mother have been planning her next dress and I think something bright like yellow with cute prints will be perfect for her next dress.

This reminds me of my mom made dresses for me when I was 5 years old, that's my first memory of her sewing. My mom brought me to her sewing classes and I'll sat in the corner playing with the sewing machine, pulling drawers and playing with the threads. Then we went back home and she'll start making dresses for me, asking me to try the half-finished dress, by the end of the week I have a new dress to wear to church on Sunday.

My mom didn't made the dress that I wore (that's me on the right) as she stopped making dresses when we moved back here in Kota Kinabalu, but the dress looked quite similar with the one that I made for Emily right? Similar busy floral prints. 😉

I hope these answer your questions on whether I sew for kids? Yes, I do and I love sewing for kids. So maybe I should make an adult version of this dress? Or mother-daughter matching dresses? What do you think? I need to start pinning on kids dresses now (on my Pinterest) for future inspirations.


  1. i love the ruffle neckline ..and the V neck at the back!! kalau adult pakai i wonder how

  2. Cumil jg tu. Tp yg ruffle x sure la. Mgkn d sleeve. Cumil.

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