My No Secret Closet

I'm a sewist - dressmaker, but it clashed with my personality as a minimalist. As a dressmaker, all I want is to make lots of beautiful dresses for myself. As a minimalist, less is more.
As a converted minimalist, I did what everyone did - I got rid of all my clothes and replaced with monochrome colours only. It worked for a while, but then I hate everything black in my wardrobe. In 2017 my year of self discovery, I decided to add more colours to my closet again.

I realised that I can be a happy minimalist dressmaker, with a passion for prints and styles. For me minimalist is a mindset of living with things that reduce the amount of decision-making, maximise every clothes that I have and still inspire me to be a creative maker.

This is all the clothes that I had ( at the end of 2017, which was supposed to be the time I posted this) Right now - March 2018, I added and removed some items I no longer wear, so it didn't looked the same as pictured below, but you get the point. 🙂

Having an open closet is all about organisation, I've watched countless YouTube videos on how to organise clothes, read DIY and tips on Pinterest as well. Until I've found the perfect organisation technique that suits me

1. S-hook for pants, trousers, jeans and shorts

This is how I store my jeans, pants and shorts. I hang my jeans and pants and use S hooks for my shorts.

2. Velvet hangers for tank tops

I use velvet hanger for my tank tops, it stays and won't slide off. To save space, I keep several of them together, according to styles in 2 separate hangers - cami tops and (my fav!) padded tank top. I bought the velvet hanger (in black, to match the rest of the hangers) from Mr DIY.

I use the same velvet hanger for my dresses too.

3. Round hanger for cardigan and scarf

I bought the round scarf hanger from Daiso. It only have 6 holes compared to the one I had before, which had 28 holes. With only 6 holes, I'm only keeping things that I really needed and I realised that I can live with these.

4. Clip hangers for skirts and tops
I use clip hangers for my skirts and it's easier to organise them according to length and styles. I did the same for my tops too. As for knit items, like my long knit skirt, I just fold them in half and hang them on velvet hanger.

I did have 5 small drawers for our underwear, loungewear, sportswear and bedsheets. I try to keep everything on display so I'll know what I had, or it will be forever forgotten.

With an open closet concept, I can manage what's in and out of my closet. In order to add more items, I have to take out few other items that no longer suit my style. No point in keeping them now, if I have no intention of wearing them anymore or hoping that it will become trendy again soon, it's totally just a waste of space.

Since I have a small room, I choose to have an no secret open closet for my clothes. My bedroom is my workspace too (meeting my clients, sewing space, my photo studio space) and the place where I sing my heart out. Hence, it also double as display rack for my me-made clothes as I can easily pull out dresses for my client to see.

P/s I no longer count how many clothes I had in my closet, though it really help to minimise your clothes when you first started to be a minimalist.

Are you a minimalist? Have you tried to be a minimalist? Tell me your experience. Do you have any organisation tips? Share with me. I would love to hear it.


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