Copy this look : Lace-up Corset Tops

I've gained weight. Yupe, I admit that. It's the side effect of taking steroids medication for my allergies. It's for my health and it's good for me, but making peace with the voice inside my head is hard. In the end I decided to embrace it and make a whole new wardrobe for my new changing body.
But first, window shopping for ideas! I don't know my size when it comes to ready-to-wear clothes, so I just grab the top in M size and as usual I have some issues with it. Oversize top just makes me look bigger and white is a no no for me, since I'm a messy eater.
Went back home and drafted a simple top pattern, with short sleeve and waist corset. Eliminate the dart, so there's no zipper needed and it will create the pleats on the front.
I bought another eyelet punch tool sets (quite pricey compared to the one that I bought in Daiso) that the husband took it for work. It only needed 6 holes for the waist corset and I made matching lace for it.
Black and horizontal stripes is a good way to look slimmer in an instant. Since the waist part is the star of the show, I kept the sleeve short and simple. To wear the waist corset, you need to bring the waist corset to the front and tied it right under the bust.
I look slimmer and feel great about my body. 😊 My little sister asked me to make the same top for her, so I let her choose her own fabric from my stash and she picked this light blue thin stripes (obviously that's her favourite colour).
We were twinning at the family day / Christmas occasion, but I wore mine with the corset belt at the back, because it's feast time!
With some leftover fabric, I decided to make a matching hair tie too. I'm very happy with the design and you guys have been suggesting a lot of new ideas for it and I did made a custom lace-up corset dress for my customer. 🤗
I've seen this light blue stripes fabric everywhere and kinda sad that I didn't have the chance to use it, but my sister deserve the best and I'm happy that she loves it. 😻 It's such a versatile top, which can be styled in 2 different ways, tied it in front or at the back. Maybe I should make another one in plain fabric or floral, right?

Sewing Summary :
Pattern: Drafted the pattern on my own, inspired by another RTW tops.
Fabric: From my fabric stash, black and white stripes cotton.
Notions: Threads and eyelets.
Alterations: Nothing.
Difficulty: It's very easy.
Make another one: Yes, waist corset dress - with circle skirt. Maybe..
Notes: Lining is needed for the top for a clean finish on the neckline.


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