Wrap Peplum Top

I bought the earthy tone fabric without knowing what to make. Then one day, I went window shopping and tried the wrap boho top with bell sleeve and fell in love with the style, but the sleeve is too long and the length is a little too odd for me.

Inspired by it, I created my own version of wrap top, but I didn't want it to be a crop top, so I add a peplum to it.

The trick to make a wrap top is the 'little hole' on the side seam, which you let the belt go through and wrap around your body.

I add a snap button on the bust to make the neckline stay in place. The belt can be tied on the left side - which the wrap ends or in the middle, depends on your liking.

Since it's a wrap top, you don't need a zipper. The peplum was cut the same way as making a full circle skirt, it gives a nice flow to it.

I wore it on Christmas eve together with the pink waterfall cardigan that I made and I love the color combination. 😄

Sewing Summary :
Pattern: I draft it myself.
Fabric: From my fabric stash, floral japanese cotton.
Notions: Thread and snap buttons.
Alterations: Next time I'll add lining.
Difficulty: Easy.
Make another one:  Yes.
Notes: Pay attention on the bias cut on the neckline.


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