How to : keep your Off-shoulder top stay in place

If you see my Instagram, you'll know that I'm a big fan for this kind of top, but it's so hard to wear it, I have to keep adjusting and pulling it, keeping it from riding-up.

At first, I saw a Korean tourist wearing a similar top and no matter what she did, it just stay in place, which is uh-ma-zing because we're having dinner at that time, so there's no way, the top gonna stay in place when she move her arms to eat right? but boy I was wrong! the top didn't move at all. so I keep staring at her for the rest of the night, looking at her outfit, wondering why her top stay in place, questioning my ability to make the top, maybe my pattern is off? or it wasn't meant for me? or anything?

So I went home and googled it and then I saw this video that change my life forever.
Instead of using hair tie and safety pins - which I'm afraid that the pins gonna poke my skin, I use thin elastic and sew it onto the top. Just wear the top as usual, but place the elastic under the arms, it stops the off shoulder from riding up and keep it stays in place.
No matter what I do, it still stays in place.
Yupe, that's my new wireless camera shutter remote, no more yelling 'cheese' at my camera.
This is the only jeans I have, it's a thrifted elastic waist jeans, it's high waisted, skinny jeans with faux front fly and front pockets. I love the dark blue color and I have to fold the cuff inward, since it's just too long for me.
So lucky to have found Uniqlo jeans in the thrift shop, especially when it's in my M size.
The jeans have a little stretch too, which I love because it hugs me well. No waist gap here.
So every off shoulder top that I made for the upcoming sales, I'll include the thin elastic - sewn onto the top. You can wear the top with or without it. I hope this will solve the rides-up issue.

*You can read my me-made off shoulder dress here


  1. cantik o.... trus sa pun rasa mau buat... tu fabric chiffon ka?

  2. Iya, bubble chiffon dia tulis di kedai. Try la buat. 😉


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