Refashion : Floral Shirt Dress

"5 mins more then we're out of this place." No, that's not what my brother said, but it sounds like that when he said "Are you done?" I obviously spend hours and hours shopping in thrift shop, trying out things that I'm pretty sure I won't even buy.
This is an oversize shirt ( Katies brand, size 12), it's too long to be a shirt (for me). I figure out that this can be a shirt dress. My initial plan is to resize it, no big changes. not until I found something that change everything.
I found a tiny hole on the sleeve. I tried to ignore the tiny hole, but it's hard to pretend that it's not there. At last I decided to cut the sleeve in half and turn it into - cold shoulder shirt dress. I made few other small changes to the shirt.
It's so hard to capture the right shade of green for this shirt, but I'm happy to finally have green (my husband's favorite color) in my wardrobe. What do you think of the floral pattern?


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