How to style : Wrap Off Shoulder Dress

I made a dress for myself to find out how many ways I can style it. I bought the fabric in May, with a different idea on what to make with it. Then I changed my mind and made this dress instead.
With only 1 meter of fabric, I made a short dress - above the knee length (which is still acceptable length for my 5ft height.) 1.5 to 2 meter of fabric are needed to make a knee length dress and more fabrics for anything below the knee length dress.
  1. Normal way to style it - Crisscross.

  2. Bunch it up, style it a bit lower than the 1st.

  3. Crisscross like the 1st, but twist the end (see pictures below)

  4. Lower the off shoulder part and show off your neck and shoulder.

  5. Repeat the 4th step, but twist the end.

  6. Repeat the 4th step, turn it into one shoulder dress.
With border print fabric which the patterns runs on each side or on the both sides. It can be quite tricky, but it can be a perfect opportunity for more styling options.
I think there are a lot more ways to style it up, but now.. someone please invite me to a fancy party so I can wear this dress for a fun night out.


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