Refashion : Daisy Cami Top

Men's shirt and pyjamas section is my go to piles to search for hidden gems like this shirt. I found this one from women's blouses section.
I fell in love with the cute little daisy and polkadot combination, I didn't try it on thinking that "Oh this is too big for me anyway. "
Then I came home and found out that it's not too big for me, I think it was just one size larger for me. OMG. my plan was ruined! I leave it behind for few weeks, and focus on doing other things. Then at the end of July, I tried it one more time.
There's no label on the shirt. Inside I found this - Impian is a 90s movie starred by Amy Mastura. They usually named fabric with celebrity here in Malaysia.
The cami pattern didn't fit the shirt, so I had to start the pattern below the bust and it left me with less fabric to work with.
Both the front and back bodice need to match at the side seam, so I start to lay the pattern from the curve hem upwards.
The sleeve is quite big, so I cut a deep curve on the sleeve to make a ruffle. Just something to spice up this top.
I sew the front part together, overlap - button hole below. Then, sew the ruffle sleeve to the armhole and add elastic to it.
I left the front bodice unstitched at the bottom. even though that's not part of the plan, but to reduce the bulk and to create more interesting look, I decided to do so.
I almost gave up when there's a problem on the facing and the front bodice. But Taurus just won't gave up easily, plus the daisy pattern is so cute, I just have to finish it up and move on to the next project.

What do you think? Should I stop making cami top? Hmmm... I don't think so. I've found a lot of cami top variations online and it's tempting.

If you're thinking about making a cami top, I have written something for you - how to draft cami top.


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