Lifebuuk - get mom's approval.

Before this, every time my mom asked for pictures, the answer is "Oh I'll find it for you later, I don't have it now, it's on my desktop or blah blah blah.. She got super annoyed that we didn't print them out and have photo albums like the good old days. Since I found out about Lifebuuk, my mom never get mad at us anymore.

I received a postcard from Lifebuuk (on March this year) to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. I decided to use it before it expires on the 30th of June, so I made the Rm60 payment and then what? Only after reading the emails over and over again that I finally get it.... the promo means that I only have to pay 3 lifebuuks for Rm60 + Rm 13 for postage to Sabah. Instead of the usual price Rm 68 for 3 lifebuuks (excluding postage price) and to simplify things, I get Rm8 discount for using the promo code.
Summer is the theme for June and the Superhero cover which I think it's for Father's day, is perfect for my May holiday visit to my hometown, see pictures below why I think it's the perfect cover for it.
My nephew, Jojo wore his spiderman suit all the time.
The first page on the John's family album is my dad with little McKenzie. His T-shirt says it all.
The quality is good, even with pictures taken with my phone. This was taken with the Snow apps front camera. Isn't Ming Ming (the one in yellow) looks sooo cute?
This picture of me is taken with the DSLR camera. The quality are even better right?

One album consists of 50 photos (4R sized) with Fujifilm printing technology and paper. It's easy to use, just download the apps, upload your pictures, made the payment and wait for it to arrives at your doorstep.
I currently have a total of 6 albums from Lifebuuk and planning to add more in the near future
Two thumbs up for the effort that I put to make these albums. Yay! and more reasons why I should take more quality pictures of my family.


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