Thrift shop and Simplicity 1426 Toile

Trying out this hot pink blazer, it fits me well, but the colour is too bold for me.

Last April, our local thrift shop - Bundle Mania in Inanam are having a 3 days sale. We went there on the 2nd day, and most of the items are almost gone. My shopping lists that day are to score some vintage fabrics, but I found nothing. So I just went on and trying out some dresses while waiting for my husband to finish shopping.
In the end, I found this oversized pyjamas. It was buried under piles of pyjamas, I tried searching for similar pattern and fabric, but this is the best I got. I'm in love with the bold banana pattern, something different than what I had before.  I have a perfect ideas for it, I'm just hoping that the fabric are enough for the Simplicity 1426 pattern.
It's my first time trying out ready-made sewing pattern. I made my 1st toile from leftover cotton from my previous projects. I cut out a size 10 pattern and I was surprised it turns out better than I expected.

But then I wonder where am I going to wear with this bra top? Another problem with this top is that it fits me too tight when I'm sitting down, till the point that I think it gonna ripped anytime soon.

Do you like your outfit to be really fitted, or with some ease?

If only the fabric didn’t fray easily, I think I would actually making this top with this fabric.


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