Simplicity 1426 - Banana Top

At first, I was planning to make simplicity 1426 with something from my fabric stash, but then we went to the thrift shop that day and my initial plan had changed.
After I made the first toile, I made some adjustment to the top - I added 4" to lengthen the top. Then it got more problems, it needed more ease on the waist and a fitted back. Only after the 4th toile later that I solved most of the problems and I'm ready to cut the actual thing now.
First, I cut open all the seams and lay it down trying to fits all the pattern. Luckily everything fits, I even have some fabric for the bust facing and some leftover scraps too.
Before finishing the top, I sew a built-in bra pad, to give it some shape and support to my small bust.
Lastly, I added 9" open end / jacket zipper to the top, instead of using button. I was scared that I'll end up ruining the whole thing while trying to make a button hole, as the fabric was very thick.
My display dress was padded to fit this top, as I had no one to help me with the fitting.

I'm so happy with the end result, even though it took 4 toile to get the perfect length and fit,  it worth every sweat and tears.  How do you like my version of this top?

Sewing Summary :
Pattern: Simplicity 1426
Size: 12
Fabric: Thrifted oversized pyjama
Notions: 9" jacket zipper, bra pad
Alterations: Lengthen the top and fitted back
Difficulty: Easy - if you follow the original pattern. Things get hard when you make an adjustment, turn it from a bra into a wearable day top.
Make another one:  Yes, in another variations. Maybe a dress.
Notes: Remember to sew the straps before attaching the facing and sew the built-in bra pad into the facing.


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