11 facts about me

Today is my 26th birthday and it falls on Mother's Day (second week of May). So I think it's a great day to introduce myself more personally and since a lot of  new readers have found my blog since I started blogging again.
  1. Hi, I'm Marcella. Cilla for short. Anything with dark chocolate is my favorite. I love playing 3D puzzles block, hidden pictures puzzle book and magic eye illusions.
  2. I was born in Tawau, raised in Kota Kinabalu. Both my parents are from Tambunan. People expect me to speak fluent Dusun, but I'm the worst. I understand every words my mom said, but I can't speak very well.
  3. My husband and I converse mainly in Chinese, but he's better than me, I'm a terrible speaker. (Dogo butul bahasa sia)
  4. I'm a science student in high school (not the best one), but I started pursuing art in University.
  5. I have been living independently since I was 16, my parents decided to go back to our hometown after my Dad retired.
  6. I bought a lot of books for my dad since then, as he had more free time now, he'll read them all and when it's my turn to read them, I'll ask for his opinions instead.
  7. I love postcards, love letter, poems. Yup, married to a hopeless romantic means I get them a lot (on our early dating life).
  8. I get to meet new peoples everyday, but being an introvert, I need my quiet time. So doing things for me and spending time alone is my ways to recharge.
  9. I made a lot of stuff , but I'm a minimalist, so I gave most of them away or sell them.
  10. I only buy fabric in my favorite black, white and blue color. Even though I tried really hard to break the rules, but I'm sticking to my minimalist style.
  11. I made my own clothes as I simply can't find pear-shaped friendly outfit to suit my petite height. I love anything with a lot of ease on the waist (my waist size change from 29" to 32" after a full meal). If I can wear it without wearing a bra, that will be an added bonus too, my ribs will thank me for it.


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